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Our Company

B ravo Shoes Ltd. is a well established business that has been trading in children’s leather shoes for the past 14 years. The business started operations in march, 2000 as a small corner kiosk that has over the years grown into a brand for children leather shoes, accessories and other associated foot-wear support products like shoe brushes, strings and polish. Having started off selling a whole range of men’s wear, management eventually distilled out boys’ and girls’ (2.5-18 years) dress and back-to-school leather shoes as products with best market prospects based on recent major changes in the population structure. The said changes have brought about remarkable shifts in consumption patterns towards youthful sections of society. Having had the opportunity of trading in children’s shoes this long, we believe we have impacted countless lives with our brand, this coming from testimonies that our clients continually give of us. With our brand of shoes, we present you an opportunity to bring up your child with a sense of fashion and style that they will live to appreciate.

Knowledge and Experience You Can Trust

Y ou may or may not be aware that many of the finest cobblers in the world carve their trade in Portugal & England. We have had the pleasure of working with such craftsmen, watching them in their shoemaker’s workshop, creating footwear of outstanding quality.



Call our help lines for assistance at any time, we are always there to answer to your calls and provide solution.


Our shoe brand is tried and tested, 100% pure leather, everyone that has bought our product testifies to that.


We respect your delivery orders, that is why we do all we can to keep smart and efficient means of delivery.




What Our Clients Say About Us

Edith Mwanyala
Hello, …a simple, incredibly sincere thank you… I received my second pair of Black Leather Shoes yesterday for my son and my heart could not be happier.  I’ve been following your company for years, swooning over the beauty of your craft and the quality that is transparent in your work.
Happy Mom, Kampala
Marcus Divock
I am absolutely delighted. Top quality. They are going to last for years. At first, I thought they were going to be too small. But no. I followed the relaxation instruction that come with them. After wearing them for an hour, they adjusted to the shape of my foot. Now they are like wearing a glove and the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
Proud Buyer, Entebe
Marlon Ateta
The shoes arrived this morning and they are simply beautiful. Everything that I expected and much more!   Thank you for all of your help and the brilliant customer service.   With warm wishes Marlon Ateta
Happy Buyer, Kasangati
Mpalanga Mathew
I am here to tell you that I ordered two pair of shoes from you for my son and I am sooooo happy! I have finally found Elegant shoes for my son. Thank you. Please never leave!
Happy Buyer, Ntinda